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(this is me welcoming a flock of Canada Geese!)

Hello! I am a passionate diabase intrusion with over 200 Million years of experience and am a part of a disruptive team of fast-rising transformative features called The Palisades. While winter makes me dangerously icy and Dutch mariners noted my troublesome winds, I'm nevertheless a dedicated team-player for any geologic period. In the last 100 years or so I've mitigated the threat of quarrying and become a stable nesting grounds for hawks and songbirds. I live in the Hudson Valley near Nyack. Come visit my 'plein-air' co-working space, talk to me about change-the-world projects, or let's just catch up (..hint-hint, this means you, long-lost Jurassic-era friends! ;-) (Twitter feed: @therealhookmtn)

In winter I'm pretty amenable..

(yes I look moody here but I'm generally pretty chillaxed)

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